Migraine Clinical Trial

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Study Identifier: Theranica
Principal Investigator: Paul Wright, MD & Hida Nierenburg, MD

Study Title: Efficacy and Safety of Nerivio™, a Remote Electrical Neuromodulation Device, for Acute Treatment of Migraine in People With Chronic Migraine: an Open Label, Single Arm, Multicenter Study

Study Summary: This study is intended to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Nerivio, an FDA-authorized remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) device for the acute treatment of migraine, for the acute treatment of migraine in people with chronic migraine. The device delivers transcutaneous electrical stimulation to the upper arm to induce conditioned pain modulation (CPM) that activates a descending endogenous analgesic mechanism. The study duration consists of a 4 weeks of active treatment with the device in about 40 patients.